December is the twelfth and final month of the year 2020 taught us a vital lessons, There have been unforeseen challenges, but the year also gave opportunities too.

We learnt to #hope and together we can change this world.
We learnt to #surrender with grace.
We learnt to #appreciate for our own health and evenmore for the well-being of the planet.
We learnt to #slowdown, breathe, take a pause, think deep- about
Our life.
Our core values.
Our commitments.
Our responsibilities.

Team Buzz wishes all its patrons the very best and thank you for being a part of the Buzz community.

Some important New Year resolutions for everyone

1. Get Organized.
2. Leave Procrastination miles away.
3. Exercise more.
4. Quit at least a single bad habit this year like smoking, over partying, anger, etc.
5. Spend more quality time with family or friends.
6. Create a bucket list (of your dreams or goals of life).
7. Learn a new skill/hobby.
8. Save money.
9. Spend an hour daily for your dreams.
10. Accept and admire yourself exactly the way you are.

We hope the Year 2021 brings lots of happiness, joy and prosperity in your life.

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Keep safe
Be responsible

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