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Papad Bundle (4 in 1)


A bundle of 4 different papads to add crunch to your meals!

Ragi Papad Minis -The Perfect crunch to your meal
Jowar (Sorghum) Papad Minis
Upvas Papad – Sago Varai & Sago Potato Minis

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Ragi papads are unique for being the only “purely Ragi” papad. Ragi or Nachani is one of the Super Millets – ancient grains loaded with micronutrients and protein. Roshnee’s Ragi papads have the full flavor of Ragi – and the full goodness too – crisp and “melt in your mouth” texture, these papads make for guilt free snacking due to the exceptional nutrition profile that dieticians across the world are now discovering.

Ragi is known for its high calcium content along with high fiber – making it the preferred grain for those battling Diabetes and Cholesterol problems.

Can be fried or microwaved.

Jowar papads are loved for their light crispiness and taste, reminiscent of the much loved Jowar bhakri. These papads have an exquisite mouthfeel and pleasing earthy color. Like all our other Millet papads, Jowar papads are also high in Dietary Fiber.

Jowar or Sorghum is an ancient grain renowned for its micronutrients like Potassium, Folate and Thiamin. Jowar is a very versatile grain and is processed and eaten in unique forms.

Can be fried or microwaved.
Sabudana ( Potato-Sago ) and Varai – Sabudana ( Barnyard Millet-Sago) papads specially crafted for your fasting needs.

Upvas (or Fasting) is a part of Indian Dietary practices, performed as a renunciation from the normal diet. It is considered vital to assist the digestive system and helps in general well being. Certain foods or food groups are recommended to be consumed on the days of the fast.

Appalams are the best combination for your Sambhar Rice or South Indian meal. The flavor of Urad dal and the right amount of saltiness and crispiness enhances the meal experience.

Appalams are the best embellishment to any South Indian meal. They are light and crispy, just like the hand made papads which your taste buds crave.


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