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Moong Dal Lahsun Papad 200gm


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• A quintessentially Rajasthani Papad made with Moong daal (Lentils) with a twist of Garlic, Its mildly spiced adding more depth of flavour.

Ours are handmade, sun-dried which is evident from the fact that they may slightly vary in size.

• Serve them with the meal or as a snack and embellish your meal

It’s very light on the gut since moong daal is the lightest of all Daals.

Papad was consumed at the end of the meal by our forefathers to lower the Glycemic load of the meal thus keeping us full for a longer time.

Our papads don’t stick to the
Pallets lbecause they are made with premium ingredients and spices using artisanal technique our papads are made with Papad Khar or Sajji salt.

• Serve them with the meal or as a snack and embellish your meal


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